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The Beaulieu Bakehouse...


Here are at The Beaulieu Bakehouse we pride ourselves on high quality food and genuine customer service to bring you the best experience possible without all the pretentiousness. Now part of the Pallets Tea & Coffee House family, we have taken the same concepts that made Pallets so enjoyable whilst adding our own unique qualities on top. One of these main qualities is the food!

The Building & Beaulieu Village...

Owned by the Montagu family, & the current Lord Montagu, Beaulieu is one of the most unique places to visit in the whole of the UK. Not only is its location in The New Forest fabulous but its heritage is rich with uniquely preserved history from the buildings, the family, The commoners rights & animals, to the unique role it played in World War ||

We consider ourselves extreamly lucky to be a part of such an extraordinary village with not one, but two sites on the High Street. With Pallets positioned right at the beginning, & The Beaulieu Bakehouse right in the middle, or as we like to say "The Heart of Beaulieu" next to the main car park

Pallets Tea & Coffee House & Our Family

Established in 2017, Pallets Tea & Coffee House first opened by our owner Dominic Ide with the idea of great quality Speciality Coffee & genuine warm service. To this day Pallets still thrives with this same concept in its cute and cosy shop first opened as Sheer Elegance Flowers of The Forest by his Grandma Brenda over 30 years ago. A treasure horde of beautiful gifts and trinkets surrounded by hand made silk flower arrangements. 

Family is key to the success of our business. That is why our concept has always been to create a place customers & staff members can belong & enjoy knowing they are a part of an amazing community built around genuine ideas

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Opening Hours

9am - 5pm Monday - Sunday

Kitchen Hours

Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch

9am - 4pm Monday - Sunday

We are open for Tea, Coffee & Cake from open to close

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